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Workforce Management

Bytes Systems Integration's Workforce Management Division offers:

  • time and attendance solutions
  • access control
  • vehicle barriers
  • management of overtime, leave and absenteeism
  • biometric authentication, and turnstiles

Our Labour Management solutions include CCTV and intelligent building management.

For more details on our Workforce Management porfolio, please click below.

Kronos Labour Management

Absence management is one of South Africa's most pressing problems. Estimates are that it costs the economy between R12 billion and R20 billion a year…

Video Surveillance

The Video Surveillance arm of the Workforce Management Division is the result of the natural progression of the Division to offer a holistic solution to our customers…

Access Control

The Access Control arm of the Workforce Management Division is an integral part of the product offering within the division…

Building Management

The Building Management arm of the Workforce Management Division's ability to integrate multiple systems to one another to provide an integrated solution is well founded in our track record of providing Workforce management and Access Control systems that are fully integrated with Single point of entry functionality...

Kronos Cloud Solutions

Since the term was coined just a few years ago, cloud computing has grown from an IT buzzword to a global business meta-trend. The cloud, in all of its various permutations, is causing organisations to re-evaluate, if not completely retool, their approaches to their computing needs...