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Bytes Universal Systems

Bytes Universal Systems designs develops and implements specialised solutions. BUS provides a portfolio of services, software, and solutions that solve business critical problems for clients. What differentiates us from other players in the market is our focus on where we have proven strengths. Our business is a talent business with exceptional skill sets and an enviable track record in delivering innovative solutions that organisations even as large as the government can benefit greatly from. 
BUS is in a unique position in that we have the flexibility to source value add world leading solution components from third parties or locally develop solutions that match the requirements of our customers.  
Our Value Added Services boast advanced call control features such as Call Filtering, Auto Attendant, Voice Controlled Messaging, Video Services, Call Me Now, Voicemail to Text and Never Lost Call for the Telecommunication Operator market sector.
World class solutions developed by BUS include SAMRAS mSCOA, a South African Municipal Resource Administration System, is a locally developed, fully integrated and GRAP compliant Financial Management System, designed to meet the specific needs of the South African local authority and municipality. IN.sight is a fully integrated workflow enabled ERP solution for the administration of Employee Benefit Schemes, Government social grants and pension funds, Individual Financial Services for funeral, life, education and endowment policies and Trust fund administration.
BUS further offers a full suite of integration services ranging from requirements definition, business process alignment, enterprise architecture design, system design, development, testing and implementation using leading edge development tools and mature methodologies in the Microsoft, SOA and mobile development environments. BUS successfully delivers complex integration projects to National Government Departments leveraging our local and partner solutions coupled with extensive Project Governance and Control experience and capability.
Bytes’ acquisition of Alliance Business Solutions significantly leverages synergistic Oracle capabilities and positions the company as the partner of choice for Oracle end-to-end offerings and cloud-based solutions to customers. BUS assists organisations throughout South Africa and Africa.
BUS assists organisations throughout South Africa and Africa, representing a number of global technology leaders including BAE Systems, Teradata, Oracle, IBM, Wonderware, Volanté, Tableau, ICCM, InStep, TrakSYS, OSISoft, HP and HP Autonomy.