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Bytes Document Solutions

Bytes Document Solutions is a leading document management and solutions provider that serves over 10, 000 customers across Sub-Saharan Africa through its independent business units: Xerox, LaserCom and NOR Paper. Bytes Document Solutions is an authorised distributor for sub-Saharan Africa; the largest Xerox distributor in the world, servicing 26 sub-Saharan African countries.
Xerox is the leading global enterprise for business process and document management, through its broad portfolio of technology, services and outsourcing offerings. Xerox provides the essential back-office support that clears the way for clients to focus on what they do best: their real business. Xerox Provides leading-edge technology, services, software and supplies for production and office environments of any size.
One of South Africa’s largest paper merchants that provides specialised paper to the printing industry and office supplies and consumables.